Table for Change in Tense of Reported Speech for all Tenses

Table for Change in Tense of Reported Speech for all Tenses

Direct Speech
Reported Speech

Present Simple                                  
*Sarah said : I want to be a teacher

Present Continuous

*“Iamgoing to the party’’,Sarah said

Simple Past

Tala : “ I worked as cook in a hotel’’

Present Perfect

*Sarah : “ tala has given up her job’’

PresentPerfect Continuous

*“I have been writing my review” Adam said


*Sarah said : “ I will be a teacher someday’’

Modals: can,may,must

*The teacher said : “ You can do this homework guys’’

*Tala said “ I must find a job’’

*Sarah said “ Adam may go to the party’’
Simple Past

*Sarah said ( that) she wanted to be a teacher

Past continuous

*Sarah said (that) she was going to the party

Past Perfect

Tala said that she had worked as a cooker in a hotel

Past Perfect

*Sarah said( that) tala had given up her job

 Past Perfect  Continuous

*Adam said that he had been writing his review


*Sarah said that she would be a teacher someday

Had to ; could ; might

*The teacher said guys could do that homework

*Tala said that she had to find a job

*Sarah said that Adam might go to the party

Pay attention :

1- The verb used to and the models would , 

could , should and might to do not change in 

the Reported speech

2- Verbs in the Past Continous ,Past 

Perfect and Conditional undergo no tense change


Reported Commands andRequests

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