What are The Best? Ebooks or Paper Books?

What are The Best? Ebooks or Paper Books?

E-books is a digital books can be downloaded and read on electronic devices such as a computer, smartphone or even Alcaendil devices (Kindle) of the Amazon , and generally are following with extensions (PDF, Kindle, Word, etc.)
Some find that reading on the computer tired and preferred to use a special device to read through it, while others prefer to read on the computer for low cost and ease of access to the books, but there is still a significant proportion of people prefer paper books to digital books for several reasons.
Some believe that e-books make it easier to navigate and travel and are in most cases low-cost easy to read at night, but for those who love traditional books have evidence such as that paper books do not require no electricity and not 
any device to read them.
In this article you will discover me strengths and weakness of each of the e-books and paper books, with the best ways to get digital books listed!

1-What is the difference between paper books and e-books?
A-The advantages  of E-books 

1. Travel
If you are constantly travelling or moving on a daily basis, especially if you want to read several books, you will have difficulty in carrying paper books with you because the large weight. E-books may help in this case, and carrying a large number of books (in thousands) in a single device, the thing that will save you space and peace of mind.
2. Storage
Those who own a large number of books will face a problem with the storage of books, especially if a large number, so the reader mail (e-Reader) or Alcaendil (Kindle) You can store a large number of books in the library, you can hand-carry it with you wherever you go.
3. Price
Digital or e-books are cheap compared with paper books because they do not require the printing and shipping costs, but you can read them immediately after purchase and download them. While paper books are expensive and the price is high compared with e-books. But you will have to invest money in the beginning to buy the machine in which you will read e-books.
4. Speed
When you acquire an e-book you will be able to read immediately start racing. While who buy paper books will have to wait until the arrival of the book.
5. Font Size
While reading an e-book, you will be able to easily change the font size and even darkening writing. While when you read in the book of paper may get bored and see this small writing, in most cases, but can not edit the size of the writing.
6. Night reading
If you read at night, e-reader is the solution because it is available on the night lighting enables you to night reading.

B-The advantages  of Paper Books

1. Resale value

Such as software and music, then you do not have the possibility of re-selling e-books. But if you're a fan of the collection and sale of electronic books. Books do not provide you with this property, paper books do!

2. Readability

The majority of people are using either a computer or phone to read e-books but this is annoying for people who read a long time, but the e-reader screen technology uses electronic ink (e-Ink) that the eye does not hurt with the economy of electric power. So regular. Books do not hurt the eye.

3. No need for devices

If you are in a place where there is no Internet or you did not phone-sized device with you read, you will not be able to read e-books, while you will be able buy a book from the neighborhood library without the need for the device.

4. No battery

While most e-readers available on the batteries are good, but what if Forgot electrically charging device? You will not encounter this problem with a book and paper!

What do I choose?
As I noted Both books, electronic and on its own pros, and the decision is up to you in the final!
Some people may find that the use of technology (technology) to read the best books, while others prefer to read books on paper because they are more comfortable. Whatever you choose, there are books on Amazon for both options, you can get on the books now by clicking in the field you prefer.

Personally I use both, I have a Kobo device can read e-books, and wrote a paper read out to the House.
What's your opinion? Do you prefer e-books or paper books? Notices!


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