How to Prepare for Study?

How to Prepare for Study?

1-Start early:

 Longer appropriate to start studying the 

period of one to two hours after waking 

up, so mend his ways after returning from 

school or college nap from lighter to two 

hours and then wake up and studying 

There is no doubt that the nap of the 

amazing benefits for your health and your 


2-Start the hardest:

 To begin scientific materials that require 

greater mental effort is recommended, 

but not at the expense of any of the other 


3-Setting goals:

 Before starting the study must specify the 

audit objectives or studying to be done 

from duties during the one-day and 

determine, on a plan to be prepared for 

the next day.

4-An overview: 

Student studying in the need to start with 

an overview of the scientific article to be 

considered and note divided and objective 

and the most important subjects.

5-Calling information:

 Student test comes to himself that it calls 

the information read by her class and 

style and his own way.


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