How to Overcome Sleepiness & Laziness in Lectures & Classes?

How to Overcome Sleepiness & Laziness in Lectures & Classes?

A lot of lethargy and laziness suffers in 

the classroom or during the lecture!

How you can overcome that problem and get her ready?

1- must eat breakfast a few protein 


2- exercise some light exercise early in 

the morning and before the lecture

3- Relaxation of any psychological 

pressure before going to the lecture so as 

not to focus dispersion.

4- sleep every day from 8 to 9 hours 


5- Wash your face with cold water to keep 

 long as possible.

6- position is seated in your place or move 

away from you to sleep bout.

7- studying lectures when you return 

them directly to take the longest period 

possible restful sleep.

8- try to communicate with the lecturer 

question and discussion so as not to keep 

long time in a fixed position.


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