How to Make Successful

How to Make Successful

Today I have a theme repeated with us                                                                    the details of our daily life, failure or failure to 

achieve a goal or falling in the middle of the 

road during the march ...

You may be an intelligent young man, but 

you deprived the university to study the 

causes of what ...

It may be a player good for a sport but 

suddenly stopped for injury suffered by ...

It may be an engineer, but his specialty 

mastered means of personal weakness in 

front of people ...

The other children make fun of him may be 

because he can not climb the tree ...

You may be trying to master something good 

at others but repeatedly fail ...

May be ... may be ... may be ... may ... 

may ... may ...

I say to all of you

*Failure is not fate, failure make you case, 

when trying to completely disappear.

*Fall is not a complete collapse, the fall 

push forward.

*Be whenever exposed to fail or fall more 

determined, even more determined and out.


Quote of the Day

“You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”

- Julia Child

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