10 Things Destroy your Energy and Mental Abilities Do Not Do It!

10 Things Destroy your Energy and Mental 

Abilities Do Not Do It!

The brain is a member of the body upon 

which to form our personalities and 

creativity of our ideas and move towards 

it and there are some people who are God-

given strongly great mentality and wisdom 

makes them unable to act in the most 

difficult things and turn to them for 

people to consult about their lives, but in 

order to maintain mental abilities and to 

become stronger in your abilities Mental 

must avoid doing these things:

1- Think of the past: the wise focus their 

thinking on the present moment and the 

near future understanding understand 

very well that what happened in the past 

will remain in the past and do not have to 

change or control the remote future lies 

in knowledge of the unseen who do not 

know any human being for that nest every 

moment like the last moment in your life

2- Don't listen to the opinions of others: 

only the foolish are those who believe 

that their opinion is the only significant. 

When you sit with many people to think 

about it is what a lot of ideas, but will 

appear enclaves good idea is a good idea 

even if you were not the owner of her and 

do not think the advice from anyone 

refuses never

3- Avoid change: what he knows very well 

that the wise course is impossible, 

whatever time I tried to resist change is 

coming one day inevitably and therefore 

resistance to change in the eyes of the 

wise is a waste of time and effort. The 

change in general is able to strengthen 

your abilities to maintain your energy and 


4- Prospects remain closed: no matter 

how you try will not be able to know 

everything, even things that you think you 

know well may not be true or correct fully 

and that kept yourself away from the 

development will not be able to learn 

anything new which means you will stop 


5- Hatred of successful: is normal to feel 

jealous of the successful but this is HB 

pushes you to further progress either be 

transformed into hatred, this is 

unacceptable success of others does not 

mean your failure, it may be another 

opportunity for your success or lessons 

you generally pushes you more progress

6- Thinking about the high probability of 

failure: our thoughts turn to the beliefs 

which in turn transformed into deeds and 

actions lead to results. And wise people 

know this rule well so they are taking 

from them the power of their ideas. There 

is always a chance of failure, but theother 

hand there is also a chance of success, try 

to focus as much as possible

7- Feeling sorry for yourself: Life is hard 

in a lot of obstacles; people hurt and 

people die, life is not all roses and silk you 

will fall once the second, third and must 

have the courage and the strength to 

continue your life and the feeling that you 

are a victim will not help that never

8- Focus on the weaknesses of opponents: 

Although the pressure on the weaknesses 

of others his lucrative results, however, 

focus on the results of his strengths 

stronger and more profitable. The man 

who knows his weaknesses and his 

strength is well capable to know what he 

wants? What should I do? You will not find 

useful to know a lot of other weak points 

to defeat them in the end you will remain 

weak also

 9-Lack of patience: patience is not only a 

virtue but is the key to relief as they say. 

People are not located in failure because 

they are not good enough, not because 

they are unable to succeed, but because 

they did not have patience enough and 

surrendered early or even before reaching 

the little success

10- Try to be incomprehensible: communication is the key to the system 

work properly and when communication 

system fails things become complicated 

between people and become an important 

advance information enough time nor is 

understandable messages between people 

that I know well a strong mental capacity 

so they are good at the patience to 

remove any misunderstanding


Quote of the Day

“You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”

- Julia Child

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