3 Sites You Should Know And Try It As a Student

3 Sites You Should Know And Try It As a Student


We are now in the final phase of the 

academic year, which means that they 

prepare and get ready for exams stage at 

all school levels, at this stage, of course, 

all students and pupils are focused largely 

on conservation and review, and most of 

them looking for all possible means, which 

enables them to increase conservation 

level, and activate memory to have.

Is the site of a mini social network for 

students and pupils to share their 

homework and the difficulties they 

encounter in the course material form, 

you can ask for help to resolve any duty 

semester could not be resolved or you can 

help and to answer user questions , noted 

that the sites are available in several 

languages such as French, English, Spanish 

Go Here: Nosdevoirs

I advise you to use an essential tool that 

enables you to create multiple resources 

such as mind maps, flashcards, interactive 

quizzes that will help in the consolidation 

of more information in your memory as 

opposed to the traditional-based 

conservation methods.

Go Here: Examtime

Google Scholar is a version of its search 

engine dedicated mainly to students. Very 

useful for finding references, articles, 

theses, books, and more official 


Go Here: Scholar Google

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