Use of Had Better

Use of Had Better;postID=2715718066397701294

*We Use Had Better :

1-Advice about a specific command in 

addition to what is the meaning of words 

varies between suggestion or point of view 

to a phrase that should be done in 


2-Includes in its meaning and threat 

warning of the possibility of bad results 

*Had Better Form:

Had Better + Infinitive "Without To"

Look at this Examples:

1. I'd better get back to home

Not :  I'd better to get back to work 

2. Sarah'd better tell her mother the truth

3.You’d better get a taxi. The buses are so 


4- I 'd better get back to work or my leader

will be angry with me

* Had Better The Negative Form:

-Had Better Not


1.I'd better not come

2.You'd better not say the truth

* We use Had better to give advice about 

specific situations , not general ones

Note : (If  you want to talk about general 

situations , you have to use  "Should")

1.You should study harder.

2. I shouldn't give up 


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