Lessons Do Not Learn to You The School Even If It's Important

Lessons Do Not Learn to You The School Even If It's Important


Most people think that education is not 

only limited to schools, but the fact that 

there are lessons to learn not only of life, 

may be more important that we learn  

 from those schools.

But life's lessons may bring you pain and 

pitfalls in the pre-earned, and to avoid 

this .we English Lessons on the site offer 

you some of them are here to benefit 

from the experiences of others:

1. Do not care about the small things:

*This is a lesson developed by Richard 

Carlson in his books, which is 

recommended not to pay much attention 

to things non-trivial task and lost by your 

time and effort.

2. Life is unpredictable:

Do not live your life only projections to 

live a life together, and met with an all-

new in the life of optimism and positive 


3. Do not be selfish:

There is not a word more tedious and 

monotonous of the word (I), be sure of 

yourself, but the meaning of trust yourself 

not to talk about yourself and your 

achievements all the time, it makes you 


4. People are more important than things:

Relations are more important than any 

materialism sides may acquire in life, 

without the love and support of family and 

friends in life will not feel happy will not 

achieve success.

5. Happiness at your own risk:

Will not someone gives you happiness 

 unless you are trying to achieve, joy 

stems from you first before they are of 

anything or one another.

6. Be trustworthy around you:

Be always on as much responsibility, and 

be of help to those around you gain 

appreciation and respect and always want 

to be closer and wooing you.

7. Be tolerant:

Human nature is in error, be tolerant of 

those around you and sought excuses, 

though one of them comes to apologising 

for it, but I take heart  not envy the one.

8. laugh:

Laughter is very important to human 

health, take the time to laugh every day, 

smile is really good medicine.

9. Care of your health:

There are no alternatives to exercise, eat 

well, and the fresh air and sunshine. Care 

of your health and make them happy in 

the priorities of the whole of your life.

10. Continued to your goals:

The pursuit of success will make you 

succeed in the end of the day no matter 

how long-term, but kept going.

11. Reduce the TV Show:

TV is probably the most dangerous on the 

minds of the drug, he moved away from 

the TV and replace it by reading a few 

books and exercise, you'll find a 

remarkable change in your life.

12. Do not frustrate  of failures:

Failure is a great teacher in life, he 

teaches us humility and how to correct 

our course, and have an example in 

Thomas Edison's :

 "How many times you fail, but did 

not give up even succeeded".

13. Learn from the mistakes of others: 

It is wise to learn from others, do not wait 

until you fall in the wrong and then learn 

but be proactive and read the experiences 

of others and take them cues lesson.

14. Express your love:

Do not be shy and afraid to tell those 

around you that you love them, life is 

short, enjoy it with love.

15. Live your life:

You have to live your life to repair the 

lives of those around you and be helpful 

and generous leave until life has been left 

where the impact will be remembered 

around you.


Quote of the Day

“You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”

- Julia Child

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