4 Websites You Should Addiction More Than Facebook

5 Websites You Should Addiction More 

Than Facebook


The Internet is a huge world that has what 

you are looking and what you do not know 

of any information on the topic that 

interests you, no matter how strange. On 

the Internet we can communicate with 

the world, as well as learning, and even 

work from a distance, and of course, you 

can do and see a lot of things from this 

World Wide Web, which enables you to 

multiple sources available at your disposal 

every day and 24 hours. If you want to 

learn things new and take advantage of 

the best is shared across the network, we 

suggest that you, dear reader, are some 

sites that you can visit and that will make 

you more intelligent.

*YouTube has become a center for the 

content of which is where a lot of 

information in all areas of participation by 

video. So this site has become an 

alternative to the screen Altelovesh.lkn 

problem that is difficult to determine 

some useful videos. So appeared 

unplugthetv site who selects only useful 

videos, which you can benefit from them, 

and will definitely make you more 


Futurelearn is probably one of the coolest 

places to free online courses. This site 

includes many, many lessons in all areas, 

including business and creative arts, 

literature, languages, culture, history, 

psychology, technology, mathematics and 

others. To gain access to some of the 

courses in this site must be logged in. 

There are a lot of roundabouts, which will 

begin in accordance with the specified 

date, and which also have been recorded 


Better that some of these rotors enables 

you to get a certificate confirming your 

success, namely, the added value will 

certainly be in your resume.

Instructables is the place where you can 

learn the guidelines for the industry and 

do several things, and the exploitation of 

many tools in your house and turn it into 

useful things. The site you will find all the 

enhanced images steps to help you build 

anything you can imagine, both in 

technology issues, food, games ... etc.

Lumosity is a wonderful Web site that 

allows you to train your mind and 

stimulate your memory through a series of 

challenges and puzzles application. Which 

will be useful if you want to learn new 

things. Site provides you with an 

and useful games you exercise 

every day to increase the basic cognitive 

abilities, as well as to stimulate your 

memory, the speed of your brain 

The application can be used by 

your browser on your computer, or install 

it on the phone to do the exercises, 

regardless of where you are.

*Conclude this list my blog site wonderful 

humble and which aim to deliver 

information and Assistant largest possible 

number of people learning English

Thank you all
 Do not forget to join this site
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