3 Steps to Manage The Time Simply

3 Steps to Manage The Time Simply


Recently, I read a book for an end to 

Professor "Tariq Swidan" entitled 

(Time Management)

 "Anyone who wants to download the book 

for free "   Let me know in comments

-I noticed many things I was not aware of 

nor interested in lead and effectively to 

organise our time, especially because I've 

always suffered from stress and chaos of 

work, study and always  that time, the 

empty except Maunder, so I wanted to 

share with you and summarise your part of

the book talks about time management in 

a simple and how we eliminate from our 

lives in our activities the daily routine 

(such as sleep - ride the elevators - eating, 

etc.) I will also lists 15 Note to prepare a 

list of chores, and by which we can 

organise our time, even in a simple and 

how we can delegate the daily business 

and what business delegated that  and 7 

steps to regulate the workplace or school 

to arrange our lives and activities which 

help us to organise our time

Times we spend our activities through the 

routine of our lives !!

* We are all aware that time is running 

out, but we do not feel

-See how we spend our lives in our 

activities of daily routine?! If the average 

human lifespan 60 years

Linking shoes (8 days)

Waiting for the traffic lights (one month)

Time spent at the barber (one month)

Elevator ride in the big cities (3 months)

Brushing (3 months)

Waiting for the bus in the cities (5 months)

The time you spend in the bathroom (6 


Reading books (two years)

Eating time (4 years)

Livelihood (9 years)

Sleep (20 years old)

*How can we organise the time ?

Each one will explain in a special article


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