Relative Clause

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Relative Clause

We have to kinds of Relative Clause:
*- Defining Relative Clause

*-Non_Defining Relative Clause

1-Defining Relative Clause: 

Gives us information that is important for 

the noun which we are referring

Look at this examples:

*-I meet a girl who has never been to 


 ( Who :Relative pronoun as subject)

*- I love the car that my mother gave me
( That : Relative pronoun as object )

2-Non_Defining Relative Clause:

Gives us extra information about the noun 

we are referring

The Non_Defining Relative Clause is 

always reparates

from the main clause by "Commas" (,)

The main clause makes sens without this 

extra information

For examples:

*Sarah,who i met last week is Adam's sister

The Relative Pronouns are :

*Who = People
*Which = Things or animals
*Whose = Things / Animals/People
*When = Time
*Where =Place
*That = Things / Animals/People


The Relative Pronouns used with Defining 

Relative Clause .

Look at this examples:

*Gandhi was a politician who led the 
independence movement in India

*Is this Sarah whose a brother is a engineer

*I will never forget the day when i met the 

*Those boys who are playing football are my friends

*That black car which over there is my sister

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