How To Become Creative In Your Life

How To Become Creative In Your Life;postID=6298138050236320944

Today we will talk about ways to become 

creative in your life .

Let me give you a simple definition of 


1-What is creativity means?

Creativity of human mental state tend to 

find ideas, ways and means very novelty 

and uniqueness so that a real addition to 

the sum of human offspring; also be of 

real benefit on the ground if the subject is 

associated with an applied subject matter 

or be a new expression and a new method 

for cultural, social or literary case if the 

subject was philosophically cash or an 

expression within a new form and a new 

method for human emotions and feelings 

if the subject of the results of literary 


2-The most important ways and tips to 

become creative:

*Do not press against yourself

*Drink a cup of coffee

*Counted graces and convinced them

*Stop blaming yourself and you feel guilty

*Do not try to imitate someone else, but Be You

*Type in your fat touring

*Make a list of tasks

*Sinned against to learn

*Look for new work system

*Try your living rigid pattern change

*Surround yourself with creative minors 


*Cooperation with others

*Be open to the world

*Find you love and knowledge

*Finished the task

*Accept criticism by praise

 * Have an idea write it

*Share with us which road you choose will 

help you to be creative in the Comments 

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Quote of the Day

“You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”

- Julia Child

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