Auxiliary Verbs

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1-What are Auxiliary Verbs ?

 Auxiliary Verbs are function words, a kind 

of closed class which constituted of words 

that have a syntactic capacity instead of 

substance words .

Auxiliary verb is utilized to add 

utilitarian or linguistic substance to the 

data communicated by an alternate 

verb,considered to be the primary verb 

Auxiliary verbs are also called helping 

verbs .

Look at this examples :

* She has done the homework

*I am writing a short story

*Do you like tea?

*Can you open the windows

*Did you visit Dubai last holiday?

*There are one desk

2-The  23 Auxiliary Verbs :

  • Am - is - Are
  • Was - Were
  • Be - Been - Being
  • Do-Does -Did
  • Has - have -Had
  • Will- Would
  • Can- could
  • May-Might- Must
  • Should - Shall
Note : 

Helping verbs = Auxiliary verbs

Auxiliary verbs = Helping verbs

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