Our Mistakes Secret of Success (Wonderful stories of those who failed and then succeeded brilliant)

Our Mistakes Secret of Success

(Wonderful stories of those who failed and then succeeded brilliant) 


(Wonderful stories of those who failed and then succeeded brilliant) 

Mistakes are compass that guides us to the 

wisdom and success, which made 

successful, you have to live with our 

mistakes and adapt to move forward, do 

not make it an excuse for frustration and 


1-American "Henry Ford" went bankrupt 

three times before he can stand on his 

feet to be a fortune estimated at US $ 188 

billion, as one of the richest in the world's 

rich history.

Real bankruptcy is not in money but in 

hope, that hope is that prevents errors 

bridges to take us to the most beautiful 

tomorrow. The huge success of the (Ford) 

and made his name a trademark accept 

millions in the East and the West; it was a 

result of the errors committed and 

benefited from them. Error hurts, the 

pain is shaken and moves us and deprives 

us of hesitation, fear and gives us the 

courage and then success.

"It is not wrong in his life, savoring the 

taste will not taste the taste of success "

Our problem is that we believe that the 

error is the end of the world, but in fact it 

is the beginning, but the beginning of the 

beginning. We must not kill us this error 

and discouraged by our determination, 

but must send in us the determination to 

continue to work. The error is the 

Siamese twin of the work, they are 

inseparable entities, it works should err 

and falter. Runner who stumbles through 

the race becomes more will and 

determination to win, Stnept his moral 

wings doubled the speed and launch.

Cause for review, evaluation and thinking 

errors, if these elements come together 

achieved quality that we look forward to 

it all.

 The early mistakes associated with the 

aircraft industry and led to the crash, 

many of which are developed Ohdtna this 

magnificent aircraft flying in the sky us 

vainly and confidence today.

"Human errors awarded discoveries 

enlightened and delighted the world"

"Belgian Corneille Jean-Francois Hymans"

Nobel for medicine in 1938, it is believed 

that the mistakes that made him a 

distinctive, people are addicted 

experiments and attempts and 

to the error until scientific 

breakthroughs achieved in the mechanism 

of blood pressure and oxygen 

concentration estimate. After winning the 

Nobel wrote to his four sons: "I was not 


best of my colleagues never, but you 

are most receptive to errors and in 

preparation for the advancement of the 


 Aotaiadely mistakes makes us more 

receptive to her and less sensitive ones, 

when what Aqtalna this sensitivity of the 

great affection  life full of triumphs 

and joy.

Grew up in inflation errors and intimidate 

us, including communities, Fajsrna even 

attempt honor for the sake of victory. 

the persons who signed the errors 


the ones who were able to walk away 

with success .. fighter who does not get 

injured do not win, it is full of wounds and 

injuries become more endurance and 

maintenance of other, wounds give us 

immunity from downtime and failure. Not 

born scientists and thinkers. Mistakes are 

compass that guides us and we went to 


wisdom and success and happy 


"Japanese scientist (Kenichi Fukui)" Nobel 

in chemistry in 1981 indicates that 

numerous errors committed by the 

research that made him change the course 

of his research until he reached the 

impressive results obtained made him the 

highest international awards. Kalacharat 

errors in the way direct you to a good 

road. Can not reach anywhere without 

turning or change your direction, cities 

and less devoid where these signals where 

chaos flourish.

"You do not believe that any successful 

does not recognize the existence of 

mistakes in his life"

These lapses that make successful, 

mistakes part of our lives, we must live 

and adapt them to move forward, not 

make it an excuse for frustration and 

surrender. Consider the many beautiful 

things around us and appetite, you will 

find it the result of a lot of errors and 

attempts. There is a grain of strawberries 

in about 200 black seed. These pills not 

only grow the thrill and attractive. Small 

mistakes in our lives such as berry gives us 

confidence and brightest


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