Best App For English Lessons 2015

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Rosetta Stone


Today you may have resorted surprise caliber

Complete Encyclopedia .. is the largest encyclopedia in the 

history of the forum to teach languages

But the program is a fantasy and Rosetta Stone actually 

fictional program about the experience .. Excellent program 

to learn any language you want

This program teaches all the languages of the world 

more than 6 levels .. but I'm the best raised almost 

10 languages

Encyclopedia size of about 13 GB .. After decompressing'll 

almost 15 GB And of course, because I know that some of the 

brothers prefer to download a specific language is not all 

languages .. have you divide languages

There are 10 languages and they are: Arabic - English - 

French - German - Italian - Japanese - Portgalah - 

Russian - Spanish - Chinese

Every language consists of three levels 

 Level 1 - Level 2 - Level 3

Level 1 = level for beginners .. no he does not know 

anything about language

Level 2 = medium level .. knows some things, such 

as hello  and you like and other

Level 3 = .. High level of professionalism in the 

language you  wants

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