What Is Conjunction ?

What Is Conjunction ?


1- Definition of Conjunction ?

*Conjunction is join group of words or just only words 

2- what kinds of conjunction?

They are three kinds :

A- Coordinate conjunctions :join equal unit " But, 

For,Yet,And,Nor ,Or"


*Tea and cola 

*The weather will be sunny but cold 

ii- what is a Subordinate conjunctions

B-Subordinate conjunctions: join subordinate clauses to 

independent clauses 

Examples :

*He was furious when she said that 

iii- what is a Correlative conjunctions 

C- Correlative conjunctions : are

"Either.......or , not only.....but also 

neither ......nor, whether.....or"

Examples :

*Either we go now or we remain here forever.


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