Three Secrets To The Evolution Of Yourself

Three Secrets To The Evolution Of Yourself;postID=82833392050442336

 - Skills development is based on the same 

person to grasp the extent of that person to his 

abilities and his knowledge of the extent of its 

possibilities and ways of self-control and self 

propositioning and life management methods in 

a scientific and practical organizer, which will 

reflect on the personal and personal performance 

improvement and development to always better. 

       It is worth mentioning that there is more 

than one side in the character of any individual 

should be to focus on in order to possess the reins 

of the development of self and self faster and 

efficiently allow the individual to realize the 

extent of its value in life and recognizing its role 

in a lot of things of everyday life, both toward 

himself or to his family or to the community in 

which he lives. 

       In this article, we will address several 

important aspects to focus on in order to 

achieve the desired goal. 

                              First: Personal;postID=82833392050442336

  There are different types of personal, and 

perhaps this is the most important causes of 

variation individuals transactions for some way 

to create some kind of discrimination and 

diversity among individuals and communities, but 

it has to be for each person that understands the 

nature of his character, and that determines the 

type of order to be able to handle and control 

in different life situations, and these are the first 

steps in the path of self-development, there are 

social and personal, and personal leadership

creative personal, and various other 


and so it must be determined personal to which 

they belong through the characteristics of this 

character, which kind reflect on your actions and 

reactions to different situations.

Second: the capacity and capabilities the 


Everyone has the capabilities and its own capabilities, and these 

capabilities vary from person to person, and it is very essential 

that every individual should be familiar with the wide, including 

sets it apart from others, and also must be well aware that there is a 

goal of its existence and must be him an active role in the 

community who live it, and based on the above, the perception of 

the individual abilities, whether mental or physical capacity or 

individual skills enjoyed by the individual talent and 

comprehensive hobbies and inclinations and different skill

mastered by the individual, the individual is reflected in the 

concentration in his actions and the responses of different actions, 

is through your actions and the way you think you will recogniz

yourself and your character again, and you will discover a whole 

new world full of treasures inside you were not know before.

Third: Social behavior           ;postID=82833392050442336

It seems that a lot of people confuse between 

individual behavior and social behavior, there  

is a difference between everyday your actions and 

between your dealings with others, and we mean 

here  whether they are relatives or family friends 

or work colleagues, with those around you is the 

most important indicator of the extent of 

moderation character and your nature towards 

the other two, and your interaction with others 


what's inside of behaviors and habits may be 

accustomed since young, and had been built by 

the character, and from this perspective, it should 

look like together in front of others, think 

logically in matters which discuss them with 

others, you realize how important your reaction 

towards the importance of talking to you and to 

listen to him and to respect and appreciate his 

opinion, all of these things are important 

factors in order to control the personal.


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