Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative Pronouns;postID=4061446544105925225

I've touched on in previous lessons to :Reflexive Pronouns

You have to it reviewed first before you start

1- Definition Demonstrative Pronouns

Refers to things and show them on the show or things to be 



*This                 -                *That

*These              -                  *Those

A. We use (This): as the name of a single signal near the 

masculine and feminine. 


1- This is my House

2-This is a book

B. We use (That) as the name of the signal  of masculine and 



1-  That is a Dog

2-  That is your car

C. We use (These) as the name of the signal near the collection 

of masculine and feminine. 


1-  These are chickens

2- These are cats

D. We use (These) signal as the name of the remote collection 

of masculine and feminine


 1- Those are your friends

2- Those are my books

  -These pronouns become recipes signal if the name came 

immediately after


1-This gift is for my sister

2-These boys are my best friends

3-Those ideas are interesting

4-That laptop is her


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