What The Difference Between The Theater And The Play ?

What The Difference Between The 

Theater And The Play ?


The difference between the theater and the play 

Uses a lot of people and people play 

the word as a synonym for the word

 theater as they use the theater as a 

synonym for the word itself, too, but 

there is a big difference between these 

two words,  theatrical show on the 

story or literary text The theater is 

the place designated for the offer

 Theater components

Theater and some basic ingredients 

including: public and actor and 

director and producer 


The viewers of the most important 

factors required to complete the so-

called theatrical presentation, and 



The product is a component of this 

theatrical work, and primarily 

responsible for the success of the 

show or failure, and can be involved 

more than one person in the production 

of and lay the duties and functions of 

the product to get the display text and 
save money and material support to 


right and get on the stage and provide 

appropriate technical support and 

monitoring other affairs 


The director responsible for the 

power supply of art in the theater in 

general, is the one who coordinates the 

various efforts, and directed by a great 

authority in the theater so much that he 
had been told that the offer belongs to 

the director, but for the powers and 

duties lies in the analysis of texts and 

read and interpreted and leadership 

representatives and team work and 

supervise the training and coordination 

of the rest of the other efforts

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