Restrictive And Non - Restrictive Clauses

Restrictive And Non - Restrictive Clauses;postID=5110126215000358776

The relative clause is generally introduced by 

the relative pronouns 'Who', ' Which', 

'Whom','Whose',or 'That'

And by relative adverbs : 'When', 'Where', 


1- Pronoun WHO / THAT

* Used to : People

* Example : Sarah , Who / That takes my book  

is my best friend

2- Pronoun WHICH

-       Used to : Things or Animals

-       Example : Jerry is the mouse Which Tom 

hates most

3- Pronoun WHOSE

-       Used to : Possession

-       Example : This is Mr Nabil, Whose son 

works in our office

4- Pronoun When

-       Used to : Time

-       Example : Perhaps is this month When my 

grandfather death

5- Pronoun Where

-       Used to : Place

-       Example : That is the home Where I live

6- Pronoun Why

-       Used to : Reason

-       Example : Jobless is the reason why many 

people travel abroad

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