Ghosts " Great Article "

Ghosts " Great Article ";postID=6026742907265766671


Ghosts are among the "Unscientific" parts of 

human experience

Here are 12 definitions of some of these type of 

experience that science excludes

and for each one, decide:

- Do you believe it exists?

-Have you heard of examples of it?

- Should science study it ?

1- Telepathy :

The transfer of thoughts or feelings between 

different people at a distance without the normal 

use of the senses

2-Clairvoyance :

The ability to 'see' things or events that are not 

directly visible , that are hidden or far away.

3- Prediction :

The ability to 'see' things that are going to 

happen , including telling people's fortunes from 

cards , the palms of their hands , or the stars

4- Faith-healing :

Curing sick or handicapped people, without 

medicines, through religious faith

5- Ghosts of living people

The realistic appearance of someone , particularly 

at a time of danger or in the moment of death, to 

a person .

6- Ghosts of dead people :

The appearance of dead people , often long after 

their death , in place where the once lived, or 

where they died .

7- Poltergeists

Playful or noisy spirits that may throw or break 

things , suspend things in the air ; make thing hot , 
or just make noises

8- Spiritualism :

Communication , through a person called a 

medium , between a living person and the spirit of 

a dead person

9- Automatic writing or speaking :

The use of a living person by the spirit of a dead 

person in order to write books or do other things 

that the living person doesn't normally know how 

to do .

10- Walther- divining :

Using a short stick of olive wood , to find 

underground water

11- Psychokinesis :

The use of mental or spiritual power to influence 

object to move things or make it change .

12- Resistance to injury

Fire walking , putting red-hot objects in the 

mouth , cutting oneself , eating dangerous things 

etc without being hurt

This type of experience that science excludes


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