What should go into an English language lesson?

What should go into an 

English language 


Every lesson is unique and is made up of different stages. 
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Lessons can focus on grammar, vocabulary, reading or 


They may contain listening and speaking activities and 

concentrate on introducing new language items or on 

revision. The

actual content of any lesson will depend on what the 

teacher aims to achieve during the lesson, the students and the

teaching situation. Howe ver there are some ideas that can 

be considered for every lesson.

Students who are interested in, involved in and enjoy what 

they are studying tend to make better progress and learn 


As teachers, it is important then to provide students with 

lessons that are not only well-structured but which are also

interesting and enjoyable. Careful thought and preparation 

will help to achieve this.

When thinking about an English lesson it is useful to keep 

the following three elements in mind:



These three elements, E. S. A. should be present in every 

teaching sequence, whatever your teaching point. But what 

do we mean by E. S. A.?

that what i will show you in this article :
E is for Engage
It is important to engage the students. This means getting 

the students interested in the subject, in the class and in the

language point and hopefully enjoying what they are doing. 
But why is this important? After all, you may feel that 


come to school to learn, not to be entertained!

If students are engaged, if they’re genuinely interested 

and involved in what’s going on, the chances are that 


going to learn an awful lot better because they’re not just 

doing what they have to do because they’re in school,

they’re also actively involved in what’s going on.

Jeremy Harmer, author of The Practice of English Language 

Engaging students is important for the learning process. 

Engaged students learn better and are likely to cause fewer

discipline problems.

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