What kind of methods useful for the student for studying ?

What kind of methods useful for 


student for studying ?


Increase students' questions in the 

days of the tests, including ... ? And 

how we arrange our time? And how 

to keep the information? And what 

to eat and drink days tests? ...

Confirms specialists in several areas 

that the answer to all these questions 

fully in need of books and articles


can stand in this space a number of 

suggestions that have been selected, 

which said more than a generalist in a 

number of areas which Qutoof selected 

not collected one collector.

1-Studying art

Some art is studying a number of 

aspects, including ... How I study? 

And how to focus? And how the 

rest? And what to eat? ... Once you 

sit down with the aim of studying 

student can and requesting to initiate 

number of things including:

* You are responsible for yourself 

perpetuated risk, and you remember 

that you will reap the results of that 

was borne by the success or Rsopa, are 

you able to assume this responsibility?

* Time in front of you and there is no 

time to let others identify you distribute 

it among the rest and talk or 

entertainment with them, they will not 

bear the loss, but you bear from this, 

let it be nice, featuring in Hzmk with 

those around you.

* It's a few days and nights you will not 

 a visit or not to question him in these 

days, because everyone knows that 

you have tests.

* You can dispense with this nowadays 

largely for mobile calls or sitting in 

front of anything but the book.

Laziness and boredom

When embarking on the study may 

feel bored or laziness look for a reason 

... It is first possible causes:

* Lack of understanding of parts of the 

article and the inability to follow up, 

and in such an order may be bored 

because you try to save it, with a lack 

of understanding will make next to 

boredom more effort and time longer, 

shorten the road and ask for direct 

assistance from the subject teacher or 

even a colleague to explain to you what 

you did understand, and delight when 

you understand and go away boredom.

* It may be caused by laziness and 

boredom length of the article and 

difficult, and here you can take a short 

period of rest (ten minutes, for 

example) and then return to the 


or the transition from the hard part to 

another chapter, and after the 

memorization of the new chapter to 

return to the old, or if you have 

tomorrow Mix the two articles in 

studying them, whenever you feel 

bored of one part of the Take a second 

and so on.

* It may be caused by boredom way to 
sit , it may be because of the food 

you've ever had before sitting down to 

studying, always remember that you 

need a half-hour or an hour after a meal 
before sitting down to studying

remember that eating the right during 

the tests is eating little in quantity, and 

little in  , and stay away from fried 

foods  or during eating or drinking a lot 

of eating, it has been said the past 

(satiety go acumen).

* It may be the cause of boredom not 

taking sleep and fatigue continued, and 

to resolve this problem from the 

beginning, the student during the days 

of the tests need to sleep enough, and 

in order to help himself, it is essential 

that reduces drinking stimulants such 

as tea and coffee before going to sleep 

four hours or more , and you may be 

tempted to drink a glass of milk before 

going to sleep half an hour, this will 

bring you to a peaceful sleep.

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