School dropout is a global phenomenon

School dropout is a global 
The phenomenon of school dropout is a global 

The phenomenon of school dropout is a global 

phenomenon that exists in all countries. Not 

exaggerating if we say that it can not be devoid of 

educational reality of this phenomenon, but the 

degree of severity and aggravation may vary from one 

community to another and from one environment to 

another, each environment specificity that affect them. 

And also vary from grade level to another and from 

one region to another.

As it is impossible for any educational system to get 

rid of them for good or whatever the effectiveness of 

its development.

 This means that the ratio of the unit and its presence 

is determined by the extent of the danger. The depth 

of this phenomenon is in fact World Education and 

the Arab world, noting they scattered in all levels of 

education and more degrees, and in all schools, 

regardless of its kind in all school districts, and 

between all among the students of males and females, 

and among all social and economic classes.

Leakage is wasted educational enormous, and its 

impact negatively on all aspects of society and its 

construction, it increases the size of illiteracy, 

unemployment, and weakening economic structure 

productivity of society and the individual, and 

increases dependency and reliance on third parties to 

provide the requirements, and increases the size of  

problems of social deviance events, and delinquency 

such as theft and assault others and their property, 

which weakens the community map and unspoiled.

And leakage leads to a shift of the community's 

interest in building and construction, and 


and prosperity to the attention centers reform, 

treatment and counseling, and to increase the number 
of prisons, hospitals and expenditures and curative 

health care expenses. It also leads the worsening 

leakage to the continued ignorance and backwardness 

and thus control of the customs and traditions worn 

that limit and hinder the development of society, such 

as early marriage, parental control absolute, and thus 

deprive the community of democratic practice, and 

depriving its people of their rights, and transforms 

society into recessive and controlled because it can not 

be society to be sovereign and free and at the same 

time ignorant, dominated by racism and prejudice and 

narrow-mindedness and intolerance.

Of the most important findings of the studies, that the 

phenomenon of dropping out of the educational 


have multiple causes and complex mixed educational 

reasons with the family with social, economic and 

security ... and others. The phenomenon of leakage is 

the result of a variety of reasons and accumulate 

interact with each upward to pay the student and the 

acceptance of his family either consent or as a fait 

accompli to the student out of the educational system 

before the completion of the educational stage, which 

began in them.

Unit reasons for dropping out vary in terms of the 

degree of their impact on the student's leaking, which 

are major causes have a strong influence, direct and 

play a crucial role in the process of leakage, and others 
have a minor impact, and other reasons have no effect. 

On the other hand plays families and parents of 

students who drop out - in some cases - and direct a 

major role in pushing their children to drop out of 

schools by forcing them to spill out into the labor 

market, or to marry early, or because of family 

problems. At other times, they have the effect of 

indirectly through apathy and lack of interest and 

concern to overload their children ... and others.

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