How to get rid of the feeling frustrated ?

How to get rid of the feeling 

frustrated ?;postID=5308778498221001046

1. Write what is wrong: When you 

feel frustrated not want to do 

anything, but at this particular time 

should carry yourself to write a list of 


of the helped and you are in such a 

situation. And often all the reasons in 

the list fall under the big reason, or 

several reasons, including a range of 

pressures of daily life. Which are 

not that bad, but accumulation is what 

creates a crisis

2. Celebrated underlying card: In 

these moments of frustration often 

feel that you're missing a lot of love and 
appreciation for this must stop the 

negative and ask the child inside you 

that what he wants? Usually will tell 

what a wonderful human being has a lot 
of qualities and possesses the simplest 

things that many people have dreamed 

of and can not afford to buy them 

3-Contact engineer internal: a sense 

of failure coupled with a sense of this 

moment of despair and frustration. At 

this moment you must contemplate 

attitudes failed them laugh and there 

are those who will appreciate the story 

of your failure more than success story 

because the failure to give the biggest 

lessons learned from success. A group 

Engineers Without Borders is one of the 

sites that allow workers to write down 

their own mistakes and their stories to 

life for the benefit of others - 

4. The worst moments: A study 

carried out by one of the writers on 

about 1,000 personal for the worst 

reasons that lead to frustration and this 

was the most important causes of 

divorce or separation and leave the 

work and the news of cancer. At this 

time it is preferable to have a person 

standing next to you and makes you 

feel important person in this life and 

still be able to pursue your life 

normally, it may be the worst start of 

the most beautiful After the storm is 

pleased as Allah says patience is the 

key to survive in the stage of your 

arrival for the worst 

5. Hirōlk Holmes, who drove inside 

you: Are you possessed a goal in your 

life??  In this case 

you should think about the goal that 

seeks to establish and considered all 

the problems that are around you are 

some of the obstacles that must be 

bypassed in order to reach the ultimate 

goal you like. Sit alone and listened to 

the music or the Koran and the Koran in 

particular that whenever I read it 

carefully in this case, you will feel it 

gives you the key without knowing. Sit 

quietly and hopes of your life with your 

favorite hobby practice that has not 

practiced since the time you are 

engaged and prepared for your 


6. Go to far: Do you see everything is 

gray and clear?? Answer is that 

everything will be gray most of the 

time. In this case becomes a NASA 

photo album of the sky and the stars 

and astronomy is very useful as you can 

through these images in your mind to 

go to what is outside the Earth to the 

vast universe, which often will renew 

your mind and give you the comfort 

that you sung 

Most of these steps fitter me personally 

... I hope you take advantage now and 

what your style is to get rid of the 



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