How is studying tests ?( 6 Steps )

How is studying tests ?

( 6 Steps );postID=102552247703794207

He explained that the first carried out 

by a student ready for the exam is to 

prepare and study before submitting 

the exam. However, the effective 

conduct of the study, or the method 

used for the study, which helps to 

ensure success with God's help is to 

start planning since the beginning of 

the semester. 

Here Below is one of the best actions 

that lead:
1 the first weeks of the study

Art that if you get full marks, with the 

help of God, in all your tests and the 

headquarters of the commission of, if: 

Start your presence and your studies 

with the first day, and share from the 

beginning of the first scheduled 

2 in the middle of the semester
Try to study every day, even for a 

short period of time that the study for 

short periods are more effective and 

less effort on the student and the 

student that accumulates study attic 

and suffers from long effort during the 


3- Last 3 weeks before the exam
Try to ask the teacher about the way 

the exam, and therefore defined on the 

basis of the method and requirements If 
an objective test methods should be 

used to remember and peaceful means 

the process does not use memory.

But if the test years and offers the 

answer it in the form of an article,  way 

to pass this exam and get high scores in 
which to establish yourself, and have 

extensive information about the subject 

in general, and focused on ideas 

influencing and expressions  solid 


Met with two or three classmates and 

dropped them article scheduled to ask 

each of you a question, and thus 

reinforce the information in all of your 


4 last several days before the exam
Try at this point to identify the 

material that you did not understand 

and did not digesting, as many 


are reviewing the topics that they know, 
and not vice versa.

Know and remember one of the basic 

and fundamental secrets of success in 

the tests, see the table of contents, a 

textbook read its provisions. Ask 

yourself, do you know whether or not 

this research? He said the audit to be 

up to the end of the textbook

5 last several hours before the exam
May suffer some students and scholars 

from a disease called Fever test so you 

do not need to get some rest before 

the final hours

Do not neglect physical exercise in the 

days of the test because it has benefits 

because the exercises help in getting to 

stimulate blood circulation which helps 

to access a sufficient amount of blood 

to the brain.

Do not forget to take a moderate 

amount of food a few hours before the 


You should pay attention to the review 

of the night test should not take more 

than 23 hours only

Try to be at the hall before the test (15 

minutes) and do not accelerate in the 

road but be relieved and reassured

6 exam time

Now is the time to reap the fruit of your 

efforts during the year

First, read the whole paper test 

accurately and attention.

Second, the Department of your time to answer the test questions well.

Third: Find descenders given to the 

greatest degree and questions that 

seem difficult and you need time to 


Fourth, never answering the easiest 

questions for you, and when you 

remember and difficult to resolve the 

question No. You go easy in solving 

difficult then  easy to you this way you 

resolve all questions without stress you. 

This is the secret sauce is very 

important and unknown to many 


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