You do not have a desire to studying for the exam .. what do you do ?

 You do not have a desire to studying for 

the exam .. what do you do ?;postID=3753139654203267118

One of the most important questions that occupy the minds of students days exams are :
 You do not have a desire to studying for the exam .. what do you do ?

I have no desire to study , what should I do ?

I teach and I forget , I'm afraid of failure , what do I do ?

At first you must know, my dear student that 

if you feel stress or fatigue or boredom , or not 

feel the desire and enthusiasm to the study , 

this type of escape psychological result of 

looking at the consultation as a heavy burden 

and a duty hated , have study compares deep 

in your heartand football do not find studying 

enjoyable ,  if exempt from the task of study 

and consultation, but you can not , you are 

forced to Bunting ,  do?

The way to get rid of this feeling is to look at 

studying as a kind of reading new information 

, and increase your culture and your 

knowledge of what goes on around you , as 

well as it helps in building your future and 

providing happiness later , try to expel the 

ideas and convictions negative from your 

mind .. no at least to yourself: " I do not like to 

study , I do not enjoy  " , the subconscious 

mind will respond to you and hates the study 

actually , and  your mind to hate books and 

you will lose your enthusiasm and  , but on 

the contrary tried to be grown in yourself 

positive thoughts , as if saying to yourself : " 

 studying the culture , and will make me a 

valuable among the people , help me to 

succeed and to build a future and to achieve 

happiness .. " If I repeated these phrases  your 

mind on positive convictions and accept the 

passion and the love of your studies and 

achieve the aspirations of the .

Dear Student  .. not that this talk is to raise 

the morale only , it is actually true , and you 

the following example:

In the month of Ramadan fasting one of us 

from dawn until sunset , and bear hunger and 

thirst , so it often does not feel hungry , then 

ends the month of Ramadan , goes back to the 
previous status his breakfast in the morning, 

and come lunchtime even feel hungry , he 

says to himself "How do you fast all day and 

do not I am hungry, and today I can not 

patience until the food? " , and the fact that in 

the month of Ramadan, gave the mind 

ordered that no food until the evening ,  body 

on it , but in normal days , the mind inspired 

body with food time food responded to it, and 

one of us felt hungry.

The same thing applies to oblivion , if he 

feared the student to forget information , and 

remained the same caused this, it creates the 

same anxiety , tension and concerns which in 

turn contribute to forgetfulness , so again you 

have to occur yourself by force and  and 

confidence , and you are able to achieve 

success , is draws a map of your way , and do 

not mind at all fail in any task assigned to him 

, if planted in your mind that you  , then 

deposited , the mind may have succeeded in 

the task of repetition , so the thought of 

success and ask you to surrender possible .. 

impossible .

Refers psychologists to be the case oblivion 

felt by the student before the exam is only a 

psychological condition caused by fear and 

dread and uncertainty , leading to distracting 

the mind of the student , and it takes away the 
focus , where it overlaps some of the 

information with what has already been 

memory , and this happens during the 

deliberation itself , and treatment in addition 

to what I mentioned earlier is a deep sleep to 

relax , and to give an opportunity for the mind 

to retrieve information ,  and the use of 

different stimuli affects the student unrest , 

anxiety, emotional instability , mental , while 

re- sleep brain activity to study and 


Before the start of study you must get rid of 

worries and problems and far away from her ..

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