What do you do to control your anger ?

What do you do to control your anger


Of different human emotions that may feel it 

from time to time is a feeling of anger,

strong sense of discomfort, sadness and 

hostility as a result of exposure to different 

positions. What are the causes? How can we 

control it?

Causes Anger

You may feel angry when they do not get 

what you want. 

· In the event of the loss of your team, which 


· In the case of fear

· You do not have high scores in exams. 

· If you feel hungry

· When the disease. 

· When you lose someone close to you. 

· When you feel aggrieved. 

· Lack of sleep also causes anger and 

sensitivity of any position.

Symptoms of anger

· May feel cold or vice versa. 

· Accelerate your heart. 

· Feel short of breath. 

· You may feel pain in your stomach. 

· You just get the feeling of crying.

How to control anger?

· Exercise, where the body produces 

hormones to help calm the nerves. 

· When you feel angry, breathe deeply, and 

count to 3 while exhaling until subside. 

· Listen to soothing music. 

· Close your eyes and imagine you are in a 

place you love and recovered positions 
funny passed out with your friends at school or with the family. 

· Write whatever is bothering you in your 

own diary, Writing will make you feel 

better and will organize your thoughts.



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