What do you do in order to wake up active and ready on the exam?

What do you do in order to wake up 

active and ready on the exam?


In the days of the final school examinations, and official certification exams, exams and 

universities, students devote himself to study 
and deliberation in their homes for long days 

stretching to month sometimes. 

There are a lot of students - seven days a 

revision -  until late at night, and wake up this 
morning at eight o'clock or nine or more, then 
comes the day of the exam, finds the 

student himself compelled to immortalize to 

sleep at ten pm, and wake up at six in the 

morning, in order to take its share comfort at 

a rate of eight hours.


But when it goes the student to sleep at ten, it 

will not be able to fall asleep because his body 

is programmed to sleep at midnight , for 

example , and if he wants to wake up at six, 

it wakes up tired tired , and if he went to the 

exam on this case , the efficiency is low , and 

its performance will be less than usual , so 

dear student .. If this applies to you speak , do 

so  wake up active and ready :

Let's say you used to go to sleep when Twelfth 
Night , start by changing your program in 

sleep five days before the exam, and sleep at 

eleven and a half , and the next day at eleven, 

and in the next day at half past ten , and in the 

day after when the tenth , on the last day 

when the tenth , and make sure that your 

body  to sleep at ten and easily , and this is 

called the body clock .

As for the wake-up , start five days before 

waking up at six quite a day , wake up on the 

first day tired , - and this fatigue may help you 

to fall asleep at night faster - but trouble and 

 this will ease the day to come exam day and 

you've used to it I woke up and active .


Now that I woke up at six and grew eight 

hours , you have to deal with your breakfast 

the morning , and you have to go for the exam 
without breakfast , because your memory will 

weaken and your performance will ease , and 

you understand and you understand the 

questions will be reduced , and will increase  , 

and all this will reflect negatively on the 

results of the exam . You may say that you are 
unfamiliar with breakfast the morning , so it 

promises to yourself that since today.

As you know the size of the brain is less than 

2% of the size of the body, but consumes 25% 

of the body's need for oxygen , so do not forget 
from time to time during the exam to take 

breathe deeply three or four times , and to 

give the brain needs oxygen , because it will 

help you to remember and think of a better 

way .. Add to take your need of water , and 

drink from time to time , even a small 




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