The Reasons For Failure Of Students And The Role Of Parents To Overcome

The Reasons For  Failure Of Students And 

The Role Of  Parents To Overcome;postID=4347345755775249130

The study, which was conducted on the 

number of students who failed to:

1-Reduced hours of study daily at the 

repeaters , but that 50 % of them do not recall 
their lessons , but the night of the test , and a 

large percentage of them do not exceed the 

hours of deliberations have one hour a day .

2- Inability to concentrate within the 


3-  Failure to academic achievement in 

previous years .

4-Wasting time watching television and video 

games, Play Station and the Internet.

5- The percentage of not taking part in 

classroom activities 60 %, which indicates a 

lack of desire in the practice of sludge 

student school activity .

6- 67% do not have serious recall , is the lack 

of seriousness factor in the recall of the 

leading factors that lead to the repetition of 

these students .

7- Failure may be due to mental impairment 

and lack of mental capacity and lack of 

attention , poor memory and forgetfulness , 

which may be due to the weakness of general 

intelligence of the deposit .

8-  The emergence of a student in the family 

do not bother to study 

 not concerned with his performance of his 

duties , and do not create a good atmosphere  

helps him to recall his lessons.

Duties of Parents;postID=4347345755775249130

Parents should ask themselves a few 

questions and then answer them, if neglected, 

in some respects, this failure reflects 

negatively on the school to collect their 



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