Students escape from homework: Causes and Treatment

Students escape from homework: 

         Causes and Treatment     ;postID=2537776696164619556

Seen a lot of students to the school as an 

environment to work tired , because it cost 

them in a lot of work and duties , as well as 

restricting the freedom to play and move , so 

it was a home for them is the shelter to get rid 

of the authority of the teacher and the director 
, but come homework to steal from the 

students a lot of time , which they see as a 

special pleasure and amusement , so 

students are forced sometimes to escape 

from homework homework .

In spite of the effort made by parents with 

their children in order to solve the 

homework , but the children are trying to 

escape from these duties in various ways and 

means , including the tricks used by many 

defensive  child , and fraud , and delay, and to 

draw attention to things sideways.

The child is creative in the loss of time that 

the Liberian pen once every two words or 

costing wholesale and re- written again , or 

to go to the bathroom every quarter of an 

hour , or to create excuses to request a meal 

more than once ..... all these attempts to waste 

time , then cry child because time is lost , and 

that he is tired of writing .;postID=2537776696164619556

Child does everything in order to escape from 

homework. This kind of children find them 

also do not complete the writing lesson at 

school and prefer to write their mothers and 

their duties despite the fact that the majority 

of them are smart. 

When parents see their son remiss in his 

duties solution, they believe that he neglected 

despite the availability of all the comforts him. 
However, the lack of attention by giving him 

his own lack of confidence,  for friends or 

drown in watching television becomes too 

sensitive of his health problems, and can be 

turned into a rowdy kid in school.

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