Scholarship Program for Bachelor's degree introduction of the London School of Economics and Political Science - United Kingdom

Scholarship Program for Bachelor's 

degree introduction of the London 

School of Economics and Political 

Science - United Kingdom;postID=8216616088016937219

M program is designed to support the 

London School of Economics and 

Political Science bachelor's degree in order 

to help foreign students who do not have the 

necessary funding to pay all the costs. The 

value of the financial assistance will vary 

according to the financial needs of the 


This grant is renewable for a second year and 

third of the study, subject to satisfactory 

academic performance. 

Please note that the college receives requests 

for financial assistance more than it has to 

offer, and unfortunately will not be accepted 

all requests for program grants bachelor's 

degree. Has been providing nineteen grant in 

2012 worth between 3,000 and 24,000 



Toured the submission of applications for the 

undergraduate program for 2014 is now open. 

Students are advised to submit their 

applications early in order to receive a 

decision early. The successful applicants will 

be notified in writing of the results. 

If I got an offer accepted then you will be able 

to apply for a grant from the program by 

completing the grant application form.

Clarify the location of grant: before thinking about 

getting a scholarship, the student must apply for 

acceptance as a student plain, and after his 

acceptance, he can file a grant.

The last date for submission of grant applications is 

28 April to April 2015, and decisions will be sent 

by the end of July 84. 
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