Manage your time and save your lesson

Manage your time and save your lesson;postID=5555818529810968794

Start early review

This will give you a greater opportunity to 

absorb the information .

See articles on a daily basis , even for a 
short period of time

This will help you down the gradient to the 

intensive study and long before major exams

Read the lesson before the teacher 

explains it

This will help you to understand the points , 

terminology and concepts that he sees the 

task of the teacher , and helps you to be 

absorbed more easily .

See Memoirs lesson after the quota 


This will help you to identify information that 

is not absorbed through the quota and before 

you forget the rest of the students and the 

course of the lesson. When the retreat lesson 

directly , you will have time to correct your 

information with the rest of the students .

Check with a group of colleagues

This will help you to cover important points 

were not perhaps have  attention when you 

study on your own .

 Review the Chairperson of the early 


 Time so that you inquire about the points 

that have not absorbed during the 


Academic department and your duties

Department of duties to many parts can be 

controlled. Especially when such review key exam

Department for study time

Deliberating for three hours in the morning 

and three hours the other evening better than 

deliberating six hours.

Be comfortable when considering

Studying and your mind is tired , is usually a 

waste of time . So prepared yourself mentally 

and physically

 Avenge difficult materials

study difficult materials when it is in your 

mind the most active form.


What do you do in order to wake up active and ready on the exam?


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- Julia Child

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