How to improve the performance of your brain?

How to improve the performance of 

your brain?

The brain controls all the course of our 


lives, and is responsible for all of our 


and our actions, and how to communicate 

with other people, as determined by the 

nature of our character and the responses of 

our actions, if in fact the most complex brain 

of all computers in the world. 

The human brain has a hundred billion 

neurons, and each neuron contains many 

connections with other neurons. 

What is the impact of exercise on mental 

performance and brain work? And how to 

increase the brain's ability to think and act 


1) was born brain cells: studies have 

shown that the person who gets on the 

amount of a multitude of physical exercise 

produces his mind in a better way, so in 

March any kind of sport, even if they are 

mild, such as walking, running and other.

2) the path of your mind:  not physical exercise alone is the one who makes the brain 

cells active, you can develop many areas and 

multiple brain development of these areas 

stands ready to work, discovered new ways of 

working, he traveled to new places, professed 

active new coach, and the conclusion of so to 

do anything new to force yourself to get out of 

the routine case.

3) Ask: Why? Make yourself curious! Ask 

yourself why these things occurred? The best 

way to train is curiosity by asking why? Ask 

her at least ten times a day, your brain will be 

happier, and you will amazed how 

opportunities and solutions that will appear to 
you in your life and your business. 

4) Laugh: Laughter liberates us from the 

inside, and supports chemical energy within 

the nervous system, the sense of good 

laughter helps reduce stress and break the 

old patterns, too, such as laughter rapid 

charger for the battery

5) eating oils omega-3: located oils omega-

3 in walnuts, flaxseed, fish .. I've researchers 

discovered recently how important the human 
brain, not only because it helps the 

circulatory system to pump oxygen in the 

head area, but also improves the functions of 

the membranes surrounding the cells 

cerebral, people who consume a lot of fish, 

they are less vulnerable to depression, 

madness, even the case of attention deficit 

disorders.  fatty acids are important for 

healthy brain development in children, and 

increase the amount of intelligence to 

consume enough of these oils.

6) Remember: get out the old photo albums 
and recall memories, Make your mind thinks 

about it, your mind will respond you positive 

emotions, and new relationships of these 

memories, and this will help you in your 

challenges and  current

7) Stop the fat: saturated fat affect many 

areas of the work of the brain, including 

memory, space perception, and education 

base, and fat lowers the oxygen flow of blood 

to the brain, and also slow down the 

metabolism of glucose, it is best to eat fats 

found in fish and olive oil, nuts and seeds, it is 
important to stay away from saturated fats 

and hydrogenated oils in baked goods 

available harsh (biscuits) and fast food.

8) served your time to solve puzzles: 

such as crossword puzzles or order of images 

known  which cut one should be arranged so 

that they form an image, solve puzzles in your 

spare time fun and entertaining and a great 

way to stimulate your brain at the same time.

9) the impact of music: that listening to 

music improves athletic performance and 

stimulates thinking and activity of three genes 
responsible for nerve cell signaling in the 

brain. This sounds more attuned lead to raise 

mental capacity, which enhances brain power.

10) good skills in things to do its job: 

Work to expand and improve your skills while 

you daily chores such as reading, drawing, 

working on the computer, sewing ... Read 

books in new areas, learn a new technique in 

painting, working on new programs on the 

computer , trained  sewing the most complex 

... In short Pay your brain to new heights ... 

help your brain to be enjoying sound health.

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