How To Change Your Day Black To White ?

How To Change Your Day 

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It is well known that your mind draws a map 

of your way, and that positive thinking 

contributes to the achievement of success. It 

may seem sometimes difficult to apply 

because the theory is not reality, and that 

many obstacles stand in our way and increase 

day blackest, but has to be one of thinking 

positive, and must be persistence in focus to 

keep the day white all the time, and free of 

problems. Here in what follows are some 

guidelines that encourages you to think 

positive in the face of life's events:

1- Forget yesterday , including the problems , 

and focused on today and tomorrow , 

including carrying of hope and success for 

you The past experience and a lesson , take 

advantage of it to bestow happiness to your 


2- Do not fire a negative outlook on what will 

be your day , because you are simply the way 

for these ideas to turn into reality at the end of
the day.

3- Do not try to inflate things , and do not give 
things more than size, there is no doubt that 

you will forget after a period of what bother 

you today , do not let the small incidents 

disturbing to weigh on you. Just think what 

might change the course of your life for the 

better , these things alone are worth then you 

stop and think about it .

4- Select when your day joyous and when 

enraged , Be realistic and ready physically , 

mentally and psychologically to meet the sad 

incidents , and do not leave the small details 

you'll spoil your day.

5- Good mood , bad mood and do not let you 
dominate , bad mood accompany you on 

your own , the good mood  and delight of 

those around you 

6-Focus on the good things and reinforced 

when performed by yourself , and do not 

drain your positive energy to focus on the 

things that went badly .

7- Expect the unexpected , and made ​​ready for 
a confrontation , this way , you will not be 

surprised or forestall the attempts meant bad 

things , and even when they encounter 

obstacles , be aware of it , and are aware of 

them , Better deal



Quote of the Day

“You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”

- Julia Child

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