How to be loved by others ?

How to be loved by others ?;postID=6570110986336433450

Scientists have come to set the beloved 


popular and attractive through scientific 

research and compare thousands of folk with 

others, and these are the results of the 


Characteristics are very important

 Do not make fun of others never. 

 Do not ever joked. 

Do not show your knowledge of whether 

the greatest knowledge of the others. 

· Do not promise never fails. 

· Do not lie or exaggerate. 

· Do not show the appearance of it is superior 

to others, and top-notch. 

· Do not try to dictate your will on others. 

· Do not scream in the faces of others. 

· Go out to the wider world and help others.

Important characteristics

· Smiled gleefully. 

· Keep a clean mind. 

· Keep your clothes clean.
· Dominated the mood. 

· Does not interfere with means you do not. 

· Avoid controversy, especially in politics 
and religion. 

· Do not try to discover the flaws of others. 

· Avoid the embarrassment of others. 

· Do not be nervous and do not rude. 

· Do not laugh from the other. 

· Do not serve the purpose of defamation                

   mistakes of others. 

· Do not talk more than others speak.

 The characteristics of a secondary 

but necessary

 Quit chatter. 

· Quit trying to fix others.
· GIVE metaphor for anything
· Quit laughing out loud. 

· Quit airing people's troubles. 

· GIVE be troubled. 

· Quit your opposition to any new. 

· Quit thinking badly of others.

If you want to criticize your 

criticism so be it:

· Individually 
· Start commendable, then criticized 

tastefully and conclude commendable 

(sandwich method in cash) 
· Exciting at the same longing which criticized. 
· Pat on the back. 
The praise for the small business is the 

one that leads to doing large. 
Remember, it's easy  but dexterity 
overlook and tolerate and praise. 

Or the commander in charge to make it 

back some praise him the greatest 

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