Fellowship Program for Africa Stanford MBA submitted by the Stanford Graduate School of Business - United States

Fellowship Program for Africa 

Stanford MBA submitted by the 

Stanford Graduate School of 

Business - United States


Africa is at the forefront of global 

economic growth is important. So the 

Stanford Graduate School of 

Business is keen to contribute to the 

economic and human development in 

the region by educating entrepreneurs 

are committed to making a difference 

in the continent.

The Fellowship Program for Africa 

Stanford MBA to pay the costs of fees 

and enrollment (approximately U.S. $ 

140,000 ) for the citizens of African 

countries with financial needs who wish 

to obtain a master's degree in business 

administration from the Stanford 

Graduate School of Business . We have 

created a fellowship program in order to 
reduce the financial barriers for African 

citizens to help them enroll in the MBA 

program at the Stanford Graduate 

School of Business . And is offering up 

to eight fellowships annually .

Within two years of graduating from 

college Stanfor business , ask 

colleagues from Stanford Program 

Africa to work in Africa for a period of 

not less than two years as a 

professional contributes to the 

development of the continent .

Submission of applications and 


 The deadline for submitting applications for the 

program of the first round on October 2 2013 and 

the second round on 8 January 2014 .

Get Offer acceptance of the first round on 11 

December 2013 and the second round on March 

26, 2014 .

Applications must be submitted financial aid based 

on need before the deadline . After examining the 

applications will be the Stanford School of 

Business tells the students if they have been 

selected to colleagues in Africa Fellowship 

Program Stanford .

Registration should be confirmed at the Stanford 

Graduate School of Business and the acceptance of 

Africa Fellowship Stanford MBA .

Should enrollment and completion of the master's 

program , which a two-year successfully.

Within two years of graduation, students will have 

to return to Africa and work in business , 

government or non-profit organization for a period 

of not less than two consecutive years .

Gel and get accepted, you have to change my 

fulfillment of applicants for the program, which 

include: intellectual activity, and leadership 

potential, and personal qualities and contributions. 

To learn more about the requirements and 

qualifications please see the website of the MBA 

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