Women And Power

Women And Power


Was the ancient world strongly condemned men , and the 

man was full domination over women because of what was 

characterized by the power of

We all know that women are half of the society and any 

included in this half lead to permeation of this society or that, 
and he has to become a women in a single level with men , 

and that the privileges and opportunities equal to those of 

men , if women have to their knowledge in science, 

literature and history and participate in philanthropy in 

order to complete the humanity ..

That the education of girls and bred and education is very 

important because it is quickly becoming a mother and 

becoming the first parameter to the child and the next 

generation , if education was the initial sound sprout 

branches, lush sound and upright and reversed grow 

crooked .

 what is the healthiest of proper education in order to 

become a member effective in human society in old age

We conclude from all of this through the power of women
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