Ways to get higher grades in subjects

Ways to get higher grades in subjects


Many of us would like to get better grades in school subjects 

but do not know what exactly it might be  focus on the study 

is weak or it fast or boredom may think that this matter 

needs to be a lot of effort .

Take things simpler way , there are methods to help increase 

focus and keep boredom and thus speed the restoration of 

what information in your memory and to benefit more in 

less time .


1 - Bring all grades , some of you may find it 


to wake up early and others prefer to spend time in 

the markets, although absent from the presence of 

one hour study will be offset by the study and inquiry 

for several hours to get the correct information .

2 Sit in the front row of the hall , with that it will stop 

you from talking to your friend , but it will help you to 

focus on the subject matter and get more information 

, and will recognize the teacher you more and become 

familiar to him, knowing that a lot of teachers lax with 

their students known to have.

3 - Do not hesitate to participate in the questions and 

answers that not only help you to define your teacher 

but he is bored or sleepy feeling about you , and that 

this review may increase the degrees of some of the 

subjects were not even aware of this.


4 - Quit your homework and school on time , this may 
conflict with your projects sometimes social, but you 

have to know that the end of his duty on time in order 

not to take his time during the exams.

5 - studying a little every day : it is better to study

little every day to study 10 hours in one day a week 

you will feel more freedom and more time to do other 

things you love without feeling guilty .

6 - Know your weaknesses and strengths in the 

exams : Regardless of whether the exams based style 
of the many choices or answer specific or other , 

choose what you find yourself better and work to 

understand the other methods, we tried to identify the 
standard teacher himself in the final labeling .

7 - Try collective study : You may be able to resort to 

the study groups in the form of complex subjects or 

practical project and that the exchange of information 

or the distribution of tasks to take advantage of the 

time and if it does not find the feasibility with that 

group Refer to another.


8 - set your goal and give yourself a break : select the

 size of the study that you need and how long it takes 

and give yourself a break through , which focus on the 
study in time to enjoy resting it is difficult to 

concentrate for a long time , and some comfort takes 

you back to the lesson active .

9 - Choose the subjects that you like and that will 

attract interest, certainly if you choose to love 

specialized curriculum will be interested in its 

specificity to identify and study without feeling weary .

10 - Sit on the chair in front of the table, read and 

type and study and you're sitting on the chair in front 

of the table with good lighting and fresh air refreshing 

These are the most important points of the study 

correct that connects you to your goal The study for 

an hour this way matched by two hours and you're 

lying on your bed or sitting on the ground .

Finally .. Proper study which give positive results 

reflected on the owner and the pressure from him 

especially before the exam period .


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