The Internet

The Internet;postID=5877666178905535638

Currently , the ` internet is like a 

book , it contains more information as 

search engine "Google" the email, which 
today function as the traditional email , 

social networks that talk with my family 
my friends finally `s internet is very 

important because he makes life easier 

for people.

  uses the internet at home ; to 

school, public places like shopping 


    uses the internet every day to do 

my homework , my work from school to 

play video -games online with my 

friends, to make downloads of music, 

movies, games and send emails to 


     The most used search engine is 

Google, which allows me to search

 the ` information or websites to 

downloads , work sites are more used 
to me :
Facebook ( the site that I use to 

contact people ) 

Youtube (the site that lets me do the 

download , and listen to music and view 
videos ) 

Hotmail used this site to send emails 

through my emails )

 and sometimes when I `ve free time " 

Play for free " that I am using to play 

online .

    Internet at the benefits in the first 

place , it `s makes available information 
on something , secondly , it helps to 

talk with people who are in another part of the world 
          Internet has also disadvantages  
risks such as: the malicious people who 

connect atravèrs chat, children and 

young people who don `t have malice 

for appointments , and his parents are 

going to see her children. Sometimes 

viruses clipping computers , 

pornography is another problem for 

children who don `t have to finally see 
etc ...
     My parents `m only require , the 

hour for diconnecter ` s computer 

because sometimes I will turn on the 

computer for 24 hours a night, which is 

very wrong.

    Finally, for me, the internet is very 

important, because it allows me to do a 

million things like talking with my 

friends, play video games, watch 

movies , listen to music ...
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