The Father Of Sociology ( Ibn KHaldun )

The Father Of  Sociology;postID=6782393189574712516

Here are excepts from an article about Ibn KHaldun

If you were given the choice , which would you prefer 

to be : historian , sociologist professor of law

Or diploma ? Or maybe you ‘d prefer to be a judge ?

Imagine a man whose genius allowed him to become 

all these things and to make a great contribution to 

each of these professions

Such was Ibn Khaldun Abd al-Rahman ( 1332- 

1406 )

Ibn Khaldun  is often called the father of sociology .

If you read thought Prole-gomena – Al Moqaddima

You will see that he gives human society the serious 

attention it merits

No man , not even Auguste comte , has done so 


for sociology

In Al Moqaddima , he gives his ideas on what 

historical writing should be all about

He calls for historians to ‘’ Judge what happened long 

ago by looking at what they see with their own

Eyes so as not make mistakes ‘’

He believes that history does not repeat itself

For Ibn Khaldun  , history should both entertain and 

inform the reader .

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