The Father Of History ( Herodotus )

The Father Of  History;postID=668610318281711931

Herodotus was a Greek historian of the 5th century B.C
His histories is one of the great works of literature

It consists of nine books and is about the Greco-

Persian wars

Herodotus saw history as repeated cycles of 

development and decadence

Civilizations , states rise and then , because of 

mistakes made by their own people , fall again

For him history should both entertain and inform the 


As a historian , Herodotus has many faults

For one thing , he depended on informants and 

legends which many have been unreliable

But he says in his books the reports what is said and 

he doesn’t have to believe it all , nor do this readers

Herodotus was the first to combine culture , 

geography and ethnology with history in his books

This is , in fact , his main interest for modern readers .
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