Success in Life

Success in Life;postID=4327938094147083905

1) Observe your thoughts because they become words , and watch your words 

because they become actions , and watch your actions for they become habits 

, and watch your habits for they become character , and watch your character 

for it will become fate .;postID=4327938094147083905

2) Always ask yourself these questions: Who am I? How did you get here ? And where I want to go ? Why do I want to go ? What stands in my way ? How can I overcome it?

3) When you change the way you think you may have changed your world as a whole.

4 ) I know that your life is now making ideas from the previous .

5) No one can Asbak success unless you're on your own.;postID=4327938094147083905

6) I know that thinking is the root of all Evger did change the way you think of your actions .

7) If you have a genuine desire to get rid of any destructive habit , you may have already recovered 51% .

8) What control by others judge you by .

9) You can not buy happiness with all funds of the world because of the Kingdom of happiness exists in your mind and your feelings .

10) I know that the mind is the one that makes you healthy or ill or unhappy or happy or rich or poor , learn to control your mind through your thoughts .

11) , and I know that it did not fail did not succeed.

12) and I know that the confidence of your people through your self-confidence .

13 ) You are to be successful and happy when you think so .

14 ) Focus on success helps to happen .

15 ) If the elevator used to hang the success of peace degree .

17) The external behavior reflects what 's inside a negative or a positive .

18) Whenever the mind , such as muscle Mrnth the greater strength.

19) There is no failure , but there are only results .

20) the principle of a safe ( (I'm impossible to failure ) ) .;postID=4327938094147083905
21) to take responsibility in all circumstances .

22) The people are the greatest resources.

23) There is no lasting success without commitment.

24) trust in God in all your affairs .

25) Do not look for mistakes , but look for treatment.

26) a day pass on the rights of 160 thousand idea 80 % of which are negative .

27) Plant a success and reap its fruits .

28) people are not lazy , but does not matter targets , urging them to do something .

29) , we turn to what we think of throughout the day.

30) Ask yourself this question : what makes me successful?

31) every problem in your life pass you carry with them many gifts .

32) I do not listen to what you say , but listen to what you do .

33) strengthens the sense of success brings you closer to him .

34) as long as you can dream of something you can achieve.

35) The man always turns to what he loves .

36 ) When you have a burning desire to succeed will not be able to stop you one .

37) Be determined to succeed Insisting that eliminates resistance .

38) The easiest way to manage time is : do everything at once.

39) people treat us according to our behavior with them .

40 ) What the mind believes the body accomplish .

41) fails to practice habits.

42) decisions turning your dream into reality and decided from now, what do you want ?

43) knowing your way to professionalism.

44) allocated to succeed .

45) says the Son of the Blessed God's mercy says: I am astonished at those who did not ask for knowing how to call him the same honor .

46 ) Learn as if you are a beginner .

47) I think as if miracles are possible.

48) survivor of God and you are sure to overhear it .

49) If you believe all that you think something can be achieved.

50) The preservation of the mind control Calcetrh on a wild bull berserk .

51 ) You are capable of success if you think about success.

52) In order to be great you must be thinking big .

53) the greater your knowledge in any field have increased your confidence .

54)  writing on paper are more likely to have a inquiry by 1000% .

55) there is nothing to prevent you from reaching the top in your field but you.

56) Avoid passive people, whatever it cost you because they are the biggest 

destroyer of self-confidence


Quote of the Day

“You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”

- Julia Child

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