How To Save Anything Quickly

How To Save Anything Quickly;postID=7517826112265032746

I will convey to you the experience of one of 

the professors in the science of the ((Nlp)) 

programming knowledge nervousness 0000

This is talking about the method of 

preservation 0000

Dear brothers and sisters . After I read and 

shared with all arts and applied NLP in

My life and work

I can vouch that our method of preservation 

can be owned immediately on one condition 

only .

Where I applied it to my brothers in the 

house. And went out :

That the way this permission Almighty is that 

I lost you since I was a student . Because I 

have a conservation has not endure .

And now I can say that I found the solution .

Method is :

If you're writing under oath . The 

conservation will be as follows : Hold the book 

with your left hand to lift the

Aligns your head high Move your left hand a 

little bit about thirty degrees with the stability 

of your head high

And the eyes are moving to this corner to the 

left of Milan Do not increase your eyes more of these

Angle so as not to strain your eyes  

headache after you read once and twice and 

three lots

Times and you will notice the difference , God 

willing .

( If you are writing with the left in the 

opposite way only)

Some of the experiences of the students have :

Used by the student was absent from his class 
and came on the second day and found that 

the teacher had enjoined them

Remember a few verses from the texts. And 

remember my words of how conservation and 

posture came to me and he says

The teacher  that your style has succeeded  .

How much pleasure .

The reason why is 

because section collages of each one of us , 

particularly the left

Has written oath of

To be saved and can remember everything 

your teacher , your brother face the color of 

your door color pen and others. Why

Because the optical scanner have saved 

everything to detail how it happened the same 
way which I

Her . ( And vice versa when writing with the 

left hand than my words )

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