7 Most Powerful Success Principles

7 Most Powerful Success Principles


Are you the class of successful people ? People who 

have tried and have not succeeded  mother who 


and did not succeed, so they decided not to give up 

until success? Or people who are still perplexed , not 

knowing which way they follow after ?

Today my friends , we will cover the seven things , 

from not only just read it and make it part of his daily 

life , it is without doubt that it will give him great 

results and introducing it to another realm of 

excellence and success better than that exists today.


1 - Diagnosis and Planning

Before you begin, plans carefully .

The problem many people are turning towards their 

goals they only motivated by enthusiasm , those 

cravings and that sense of motivation that makes 

them jumping , then quickly invent and everything 

goes after it disappears . So The first step is to know 

who you are, your strengths and weaknesses , 

external factors beyond your control and that you can 

not control them and control them , and finally 

external opportunities and that should work to seize 

and exploit it to your advantage .

The difference between the good and the bad doctor 

is simply that the first diagnosis of the excellent 

position to find out the kinks and go directly to him to 

fix it . So after you complete the process of 

diagnosing You also must be linked to identify a clear 

goal , a realistic , verifiable and specific , and then 

place the blueprint as a map to lead you to that goal.

2 - prepping


Above all prepping is the secret of success. Ford

Imagine with me that the students always come in 

first place , and suddenly we take that student and put 
him somewhere for a year and then Okhrzinah day for 
passing the exam do you think it will get the same 

results? Certainly not, why? Simply because it does 

not have adequate preparation to achieve the same 

results .

This is what a lot of people , they go about their goals 

without the slightest readiness and in the latter suffer 

frustration and disappointment , not because they can 
not , but they are not trained .

They go to a job interview without ready ; walk on the 
exam without ready ; or participate in the competition 

without a certain readiness ; projects or growing up 

without adequate preparation gives them the ability 

and the skill and knowledge necessary to overcome 

the odds.

At this stage, well cared develop your skills and work 

on strengthening your weaknesses to be ready 

always better.

3 - act


Think of something easy , but it is difficult to act , and 

in order to put the ideas of someone in the act is the 

hardest thing in the world. Van Relief

Which does not link its objectives already progressive 

and repeated is like the wish to wake up one day and 

find Aladdin's lamp at his head , this is the only way 

we can achieve our dreams of others already linked 

and perseverance and determination .

The act must be continuous and frequent on a daily 

basis until you reach the gools , it does not matter if 

the steps made ​​by large or small , but the important 

thing is to remain in constant progress.

4 - correct destination


Effort and courage are enough non- objective and 

without a destination.

Imagine someone wire path is the path that he had to 

being supplied to go to a certain place , and in the 

middle of the road it was discovered that the path of 

others is true , how much effort and energy and time 

and possibilities to lose just as soon as he returned 

and the launch of a new , even though it will not be 

launched in the second time with the same 

enthusiasm and energy and vitality.

So in order not to fall into the same problem and 

make sure you are the first destination in the right 

direction or not , and when again make sure you are 

actually in the right direction or not before you go 


5 - Continuous learning


Change is something vital ; improvement is the 

logical form of change. James Cash Penney

In the world changes so rapidly , we must in order to 

stay abreast of events to learn continuously , and we 

develop our capabilities and skills constantly as well.

Follow the principle, the principle of continuous 

improvement at the Japanese, and try every day to be 
better than the day before , it is not necessary to be a 
great improvement , but make it just a constant 

never stops 

6 - Commitment


People who are successful is the people opted to one 

line and it. Andrew Carnegie

Be like the ant does not make any hindrance will 

deliver orientation toward the target ; commitment is 

to decide first that you will cross the entire way and 

do not stop at the beginning or the middle of the turn 

to another road and you did not behave after the first 

; It remains so moving between targets without the 

completion of any of them end up 0 and proceeds 

with distinction .

7 - Skill

Each artist was at first an amateur . Ralph Waldo 

Often drives people pay is not due to the amount of 

,simply because you were not the owner of that skill 

will be too meager wage , according to what is 

available upon skill .

Skill acquired through repetition, do not expect to 

become the most skilled than others , and you did not 
repeat enough.

If you want to become a skillful writer must have been 
written a lot , and seasoned enough!

If you want to become a skillful athlete must have 

repeated the movements as much as possible until 

you speak virtuosic !

If you want to become skilled workers must also have 

repeated your business as much as possible !

If you want to become a lecturer or a skillful coach 

must also be trained and has lectured as much as 

possible and not just once or twice !


1 - Diagnosis and Planning

2 - prepping

3 - act

4 - correct destination

5 - Continuous learning

6 - Commitment

7 - Skill


Quote of the Day

“You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”

- Julia Child

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