What is the commitment to the principle of self?

What is the commitment to the principle of self?

Reed that the original assumptions in the group ? I want to read a 

book every week ? I want to quit smoking ? I want to learn a 

foreign language ? , I want to become rich? I want to love ? I want 

to get married ? I want to be bold ? I want to be faithful ? I want to 

be loved ? I want to be successful in my life ? I want to be an 

athlete ? I want to be famous ?

Dear reader will not be able to achieve all of these wishes without 

applying principle No. 1000 ... You can not achieve anything in life 

without having to have " self-adhering "

The term self-adhering , dear reader, the exact meaning is " 

applying self-restraint " , just as mentioned in the previous story " to 
do what you should do .. And whenever it is imperative you have to 
do ... Whether you act like this or you do not love him , " the 

principle of self- commitment or applying self-restraint is the 

principle on which the Messenger of Allah said since more than 

1400 years ago , when he called " greater jihad "

You have to pray in a group and yourself struggling for the sake of 

it. ( Do what you should do ) ,

Now .. Not tomorrow .. Not when you get older .. Not when they 

reach thirty or forty ( whenever it is imperative you have to do ) ,

Whatever this is hard for you . With practice and easier for you to 

get used to what is difficult . ( Whether you like it or you do not act like )

You have to learn what you would like to learn now, not next year 

or after the improvement of the difficult circumstances , do so in 

any way , whether the circumstances with you or against you ..

Dish what you read now in this moment, no matter how hard it was ...

As well as in all of our dreams we have to commit ourselves to 

achieve them in a timely manner , whatever the difficulties and 

adverse circumstances that we face , Waiting is not on our side , life goes on



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