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The Active and The Passive Voice

 1- What is the active ?

The passive voice is a sentence begins with the performer 


the Action ( subject, verb , object or person ) this action 

is performed on So this is an active sentence 

Examples :

The film

2- What is the passive voice ?

When we begin the sentence with the object or person that 

the Action is performed on and we formulate 

a passive sentence 

Example :

By subject
The film
Was watched
By jack

3- When we use the passive voice ?

- the passive is not used in the present perfect 

continuous , the past perfect continuous

Or the future continuous for reasons of style

- we can use the passive in all other tenses and  in other 

verb form

1- when we do not know who the subject is

2- we want to give more important to the action or it is not 

important Who the subject is 

Example :

Somebody watched the film   

The film was watched

4- How you can formulate the passive 

Voice ?

To formulate a passive voice sentence :

A – We put the object of the verb at the beginning of our sentence

B - We  conjugate the Verb to be in the same tense like the 

active sentence

C – We put the main verb in the Past Participle form 

Example :

1- The teacher explains the lesson /   the lesson explained

2- My mother cooks the lunchthe lunch cooked

3- My sister is painting  my  room  /   my  room is being 


4- someone took  my bookmy book was taken

Note1 :

If we want to mention the subject in a passive sentence , use By

My sister is painting  my  room / my  room is being painted by my sister

Note 2 :

If the active sentence begins with no-one or nobody

The passive sentence will be negative

Nobody turned on the light / the light was not turned on

Note  3

If there is a preposition between the verb and the object,

The preposition will remain after the verb

She talked about the issue / the issue was talked about

5-The passive voice of different tenses :

Present simple
I do it
It is done
Present continuous
I am doing it
It is being done
Present perfect
I have done it
It has been done
Past simple
I did it
It was done
Past continuous
I was doing it
It was being done
Future simple
I will do it
It  will be done
Future continuous
I will be doing it
It will be being done
Future perfect
I will have done it
It will have been done
Future perfect continuous
I will have been doing it
Not common
Present perfect continuous
I have been doing it
Not common
Past perfect
I had done it
It had been done

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