I've driven and talked about in the previous lesson 

to check the names of them here : 

  Nouns  so in this lesson  Giving more 

information about nouns :

We often want to give more information about

 nouns , One way to do this is to use an 


• a fat dog
• a rich tourist
• a beautiful house
• an American car

We can also give more information after the 

noun. We can do this by using a prepositional 


Example :

• tourists from America
• people with lots of money
• the children in the school 

 We can also give more information about 

nouns by using a participle clause:

noun participle clause 

Example :

people living in the country

the man sitting in the park

magazines lying on the floor 

These noun phrases can be used as the 

subject or object of a sentence in the same 

way as single word nouns: 

subject verb phrase 

Example : 

John went to the beach.

Tourists from America love visiting old European

The man sitting in the park asked me the time.

Children arriving at school for the first time are 

often very nervous


Quote of the Day

“You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.”

- Julia Child

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