My Dream House

My dream house;postID=4972856264821895666

Every one hopes to live in the best house in the

 world. I hope to have

a comfortable, clean, and beautiful house which is 

full of love and peace.

I hope my dream house to be in a cold country 

covered with a lot of white

snow and near the sea.

What is more, I will describe the fantastic exterior 

view of my dream

house, I hope it will be a magnificent golden house, 
and there will be a

charming park full of different flowers and a huge 

swimming pool where I

can rest and see colorful flowers.

In addition, I want my dream house to have 

splendid interior which

has comfortable white furniture. A house with a 

large living room with a

bamboo table and chairs, suitable fire place and 

golden stair case makes

me relaxed. The house will be more comfortable 

when it has a big bedroom

with a comfortable large bed.

As a result, although I want my dream to become 

I want to live with my family in peace and love 

even if that will involve me

living in a hut.

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